Your passion is our passion, which is why Peacock Prestige treats every car in our workshops as if it were our own. While our classic and vintage paint spraying is renowned, the process is more than skin deep; the key to obtaining paint perfection is dependent on so many other procedures that are carried-out beneath the glossy surface. Should any of them be performed without the keen attention to detail that we demand, the owner will be disappointed in the final result. A lustrous paint finish may look impressive, when freshly sprayed, but the passage of time can see it fade, sink, blister and even peel within a surprisingly short period, unless the hard work beneath the surface has been performed with due diligence.

As we complete all paint preparation and painting procedures within our Coventry workshops, we are confident in the longevity of our final finishes. This starts with the restoration process of every body panel, through to the surface preparation, aligning, profiling, priming, spraying, polishing, plus on-going care and maintenance processes.

Although always welcome, we realise that owners tend to be too busy to visit us daily, to witness their beloved cherished vehicle being transformed. Therefore, not only does Peacock Prestige offer an inclusive collection and delivery service but also all work is documented and photographed with a time lapse video of your car restoration.


Our highly skilled sprayers offer the complete service from the painting of new or restored body shells to a full car respray.

No job is to small including restoring or repairing minor defects to bring a car back to its top class condition.


Our skilled technicians can fully prepare a body shell, panel or complete vehicle ready for painting.

This is one of the most important steps in the painting process to ensure the highest quality vehicle finish.

Metal Work

Our laser aligned chassis/body jig is used to ensure that any chassis or body shell can be precisely aligned if a car has been damaged or involved in an accident.

Our highly skilled technicians also have the necessary skill sets required to carry out panel beating and lead loading where required.

Mechanical Work

To support our operation we have skilled mechanics who carry out the work required mechanical work which is necessary on repairing or restoring cars.


Although not our core business we do offer a very limited service of restoring a car from the ground up for those customers after perfection.